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When facts matter

What are the important factors to consider when buying a bed or car battery? Our independent laboratory tests help consumers to make the right decisions and manufacturers to become better producers – whatever the product.

Consumer tests that serve as a guide

Testfakta conducts many different types of product test in a laboratory environment, all of which are characterised by relevant facts, transparent methods and consumer guidance.

Padel rackets

It could be your padel racket’s fault if your game has gotten worse.

One should not blame the material, but the world's first laboratory test of padel rackets shows that your racket may have actually changed. One of tested brands showed changed measurement values ​​by 25 percent after the endurance test.


Nieuwe helmtechniek maakt het verschil

De juiste fietshelm kan een tot wel vier keer betere bescherming tegen hersenschudding geven, toont de test van Testfakta test. In de test werd een nieuwe methode gebruikt om de belasting van de hersenen bij ongelukken te meten.

Liquid washing detergents

Only one detergent removes all stains

Almost every brand has had to give up on removing at least one type of stain, as is shown by the results of an extensive laboratory test of liquid detergents carried out by Testfakta Research on behalf of the manufacturer Unilever.

Washing machines

Testfakta’s test of washing machines

Testfakta’s tests are performed by independent and specialised testing and research laboratories in Testfakta’s laboratory network. The tests focus on the washing machines’ ability to wash, rinse and spin dry, user-friendliness and energy efficiency. The purpose of the tests is to highlight products with good properties and help manufacturers and retailers develop their offer to the consumer.

Network of Europe’s leading laboratories

Testfakta works with about 40 of Europe’s leading testing and research laboratories. The test methods are developed continuously in order to keep up with market developments. The results are analysed, assessed and compiled in consultation with the laboratories and external specialists.

  • RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
  • SGS Fresenius
  • Intertek
  • Eurofins
  • SLG Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH
  • Testea Padel
  • PZT
  • Weber & Leucht Application Lab
  • VPA Prüf- und Zertifizierungs GmbH

Testfakta’s quality labels

Testfakta’s quality labels communicate the quality, performance and characteristics of the product in a credible way.

Verified Quality & Comfort

Een label van derden voor bedden en matrassen, dat hoge kwaliteit en goede ergonomie bevestigt voor drie verschillende lichaamstypes. De verificatie is met name geschikt voor de verificatie van een assortiment, eigen merken of nieuwe challenger-merken.

Best in test

Een vergelijkende test van verschillende opties binnen een bepaalde productcategorie. De testen worden voorafgegaan door een inventarisatie van het aanbod op de markt om een ​​representatief aanbod van vergelijkbare producten op de markt te garanderen.


Certified Bio-Based

Het Testfakta Bio-based label geeft aan of het product of de verpakking hernieuwbaar materiaal bevat. De certificering is een samenwerking met het staatsbedrijf RISE (Swedish Research Institute) en volgt de huidige EU-aanbevelingen voor de berekening en communicatie van biobased content.

Verified Quality & Performance

De test toont aan of een product al dan niet een hoog niveau van kwaliteit en prestatie behoudt in vergelijking met alternatieve producten op de markt.

What people are saying about Testfakta

Credibility, transparency and independence are core values that sum up Testfakta’s operation. This is what consumers, producers and business partners have to say about Testfakta.

Being able to stamp and market our private label products with Testfakta’s quality label has real value. This has been welcomed by customers, who are keen to look at the documentation which is used widely by our sales staff. The label provides all parties with a sense of reassurance.

Gunilla Jardestig, information manager, MIO

It can be really tough to communicate quality in an advertising context. To be successful in the long term, you need reliable evidence to support your message. The win in the wear test published by Testfakta in 2012 gave us that evidence.

Samuel Schlossberg, store manager at Byggmax and former advertising manager

Testfakta has now carried out a test of children’s winter gloves so people know which to invest in and which to avoid.

Allt för föräldrar parents’ blog

We usually work with our customers in secrecy, but the reverse is true with Testfakta’s assignments; instead it’s a case of openness and transparency.

Erica Waller, unit manager for Structural and Solid Mechanics at SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden