Verification - A test that confirms quality

Your product does not need to be the very best in the market. Often, your customers just need to be reassured that a product holds a consistently high quality despite a low price tag. An independent verification test is a trustworthy third-party validation that proves how your product measures up to market standards.

The purpose of a Verification test is to confirm the quality and performance of your product in comparison to a limited number of competitive products or a standard protocol. Your aim is to prove a consistently high standard and no underperforming parameter. As the initiator, the decision whether to publish and communicate the test result is solely in your hands. If your product succeeds, you will gain the right to use Testfakta's Verified Quality & Performance label for a period of 12 months. 

The project cost for a Verification test is significantly lower than for a full Benchmarking test, due to the smaller number of products and the non-exclusivity of the label.

Another advantage is that the quality label can be used across multiple geographies.


When a request for a verification test comes in, Testfakta assigns one or several specialized laboratories from its European network of leading independent research institutes with the test. The test protocol and scope, i.e. testing against only protocol, or against one or two competitors, will form the basis for the cost estimate.

Testfakta conducts a Preliminary study, which includes technical research of the product's and the category's properties, market research of the representative competitive products in the market/s, definition of the test parameters and protocol and lastly the procurement of the laboratory/-ies and photographer/-s for documentation.

Thereafter, Testfakta purchases the required number of samples in the marketplace, organizes transport and oversees the laboratory test itself. The results are interpreted and rated in consultation with the laboratory and key differences and characteristics of the tested products are highlighted in a short and easily accessible report.




Upon entering into a communication agreement, Testfakta publishes an article with the test results as a reference on its webpage and provides you with a designed quality label, which can be used on all communication materials for the duration of the licensing period and geography. Furthermore, Testfakta provides photographs from the laboratory testing and, if agreed upon earlier, even video footage to be used in brand communication.


Testfakta needs to know the desired purpose of a test, the product and the markets. Based on earlier experience or after checking with one or several laboratories, we will be able to give you a rough cost estimate for the production of the test.



Preliminary Study

Based on a written frame agreement, Testfakta conducts a preliminary study, including relevant test parameters, suitable laboratory partners, competitive situation, etc. 


Laboratory Test

On behalf of the client, Testfakta usually purchased the required number of samples and coordinates transportation to the laboratory. The test is conducted, documented and summarized. The final results will be interpreted in close collaboration with the laboratory and summarized in a comprehensive manner, including article and graphics. You, the client, will decide, if the results should be published, or not. 




Verified Quality & Performance label

We enter a communication and licensing agreement. Based on this, Testfakta will provide you with the design of the label and photo documentation, which can be used in all relevant communication channels. For consumer information and transparency, we publish an article with the results of Testfakta's web page for reference.


Year 2

The license period for using the quality label is 12 months. If there are no significant changes in the formulation or design of your product, you may be offered to prolong the license for another 12-months-period