Testfakta's vision is to enable sustainable products and choices

In the beginning, we achieved that by independent journalism in conjunction with scientific laboratory testing of consumer products. The aim has always been to reveal the extra information that is impossible for a consumer to find out herself. The results were published by a great number of the daily newspapers - first in Sweden and later all over the Nordic markets. This work, i.e. being a leading Nordic news agency for relevant consumer information, accessible for the interested public free of charge through various newspapers and magazines and our own website, is still the foundation of Testfakta's operations. By highlighting the relevant parameters in a given category, we guide the consumer to better products with better quality, performance and longevity, thus enabling more sustainable choices.

In parallel, we have seen an increasing interest by manufacturers, retailers, organizations and even Government agencies to conduct specific tests and research by assigning Testfakta. Far from all of the results of these assignments become public knowledge, as it is always up to the customer to decide to publish the results or not. Because they are often used to improve a given product, sometimes even at the prototype stage, we take active part in the development of better products and push the bar in developing better measurements and testing protocols.

With the latest addition to our operations, Testfakta Bio-based, we close the loop by offering a traceable and transparent certification label that promotes the development of more sustainable products and packages towards the use of more renewable resources.



From sunscreen to 700 laboratory tests

June 2001, Testfakta delivered its very first test to Nordic dailies - a laboratory test of sunscreen products that revealed alarming levels of harmful and forbidden substances. Since that day, Testfakta has produced about 700 laboratory tests of all sorts of different consumer products.



The history of a banana

As a result of Testfakta publishing an article, sales of ecological bananas increased from 25% to 67% of total sales. Testfakta's chemical analysis revealed that "regular" bananas contained residues of pesticides even under the peel, while ecological bananas were free of residues.


From 100 million to 2 billion in turnover within seven years

This is the result of regular, long-term quality, research and testing cooperation between Testfakta and one of the major brands in the Swedish furniture business, propelling them to the market leader position in one of their most important categories.