Media and other Services

Testfakta is one of the Nordics' premier news agencies for consumer guidance


Since 2001, Testfakta has been providing content to major newspapers and other media. Testfakta Editorial initiates comparative laboratory tests that are regularly published in numerous media, such as Göteborgs-Posten, Dagbladet or Jyllandsposten, and on Testfakta's own channels.

Our news agency also works on assignment from consumer organizations, such as NAF, the Norwegian Automobile Association, and the Swedish Government.

Testfakta's purpose is, as an independent part, to reveal relevant and for the consumer important differences between different product offerings. Advanced testing in a controlled laboratory environment allows us to show the differences that consumers cannot distinguish by just looking, touching and feeling. 

Typical questions are: which bicycle helmet gives my child's head the best protection? Which laundry detergent is most effective without bleaching the clothes' fabric? Are there less toxic residues in ecologically grown bananas?

Our tests help guide consumers to products and services that better fulfill their expectations and needs and affect manufacturers and retailers to better answer to those. Together, we are constantly bettering the market, and thus creating more sustainable products and services.



Consumer Content

Providing highly relevant content to the media and to Testfakta's own communication channels in the Nordic countries.


Government agencies

From time to time, Testfakta assists Government Agencies in the assessment of compliance with national or international regulations. Amongst others, Testfakta was for instance commissioned to provide chemical analysis of the plastics used for children's toys and found unlawfully high residues of toxic ingredients.