How we test ...

Our tests often go further than the established standards.

Published: 24 Aug, 2022

In many product categories the technical development outpaces the work of the standardization committees. That is why Testfakta, in cooperation with the respective accredited laboratories, often adjusts existing test protocols. When it comes to beds, for instance, there probably is no other testing program as rigid and all-encompassing than our protocol involving three different laboratories. Behind that is the experience of testing close to 1.000 beds for their ergonomic properties, their breathability and overall quality. Our experience of performance testing of Dishwashing detergents is based on roughly 750.000 washing cycles to determine fat-dissolving properties, stain removal or shine. And since the start of the pandemic we have measured the clean air delivery rate of air purifiers more than 200 times. 

In this chapter we collect examples of re-occurring laboratory tests from the most common categories and explain step by step how we go about to determine the performance of products in comparison to standards and the relevant competitive set.

In case you are missing a description of the category you are interested in, please send us a request - chances are that we have tested it before.