Impartial lab testing instead of random judgments

Testfakta collaborates with around 40 certified laboratories across Europe, which specialize in different product categories. 

Published: 7 Aug, 2020

The tests are performed in accordance with various standards and certification models. In some categories, Testfakta, together with the laboratories, develop their own test protocols when existing standards are judged to be outdated or not tough enough.

Whether the project is initiated by Testfakta, the media, or commercial customers, the modus operandi is always the same. Testfakta does research to determine the relevant selection of competing products, the test parameters, and the choice of independent laboratory to conduct the measurements. Moreover, Testfakta procures the test objects and interprets the test results in close cooperation with the laboratory.

Unless Testfakta itself initiates the test, the assigning customer always decides whether the test results should be published or not.