Why Testfakta?

Better quality

Gain valuable insights about your products and those of your competitors

Brand value

High quality and performance standards attract consumer loyalty and generate recommendations

Increased sales

The test results facilitate purchase decisions and help maintain premium pricing

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Our services

For manufacturers & retailers

Testfakta Research conducts laboratory tests on assignment. Whether you want to validate your product's quality, performance or bio-based raw materials, or whether you want to benchmark against a set of key competitors, you are welcome to test our abilities. Our assignments reach from single prototype tests over long-term quality validation of various product categories to pan-European benchmark testing.

For media outlets & organizations

Testfakta Editorial is a news agency, providing unique quality content to mostly Scandinavian newspapers and magazines. Media outlets are welcome to subscribe for regular delivery of independent laboratory tests with high consumer interest.

For consumers & end users

Testfakta has been working with impartial consumer information and guidance since its start. With about 700 tests since the beginning in 2001, there are not many product categories that we have not investigated. The results of all our published tests can be found, free of charge, in our test archive.

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