A major "wow" effect

Testfakta has tested roof top boxes, bicycle helmets, baby car seats and electric bikes together with the Norwegian automobile association NAF.

Published: 4 Dec, 2020

The tests have, for example, highlighted safety risks and consequently attracted considerable media attention. 

Anne Haabeth Rygg is the former head of NAF’s consumer division. 

What was your main reason for commissioning Testfakta to perform the tests?
 “We find that Testfakta has a good network of test laboratories that can be used for many different tests. Also, Testfakta’s personnel are very meticulous, which gives us confidence that the results are accurate.”  

How important are Testfakta’s working methods for the impact of the test? 
“There’s a lot of interest in consumer information, both among our association’s members and in the Norwegian media. And if the test results are good this also makes for interesting reading. For example, the film that showed how the skis penetrate the roof box during a collision had a big ‘wow’ effect.”

How do you view continued collaboration? 
“We intend to continue working with Testfakta and we have a lot of exciting plans to test new products in the future.”