How we make your business grow

Testfakta has several ways to make businesses grow.
Testfakta has several ways to make businesses grow.

Here are four scenarios where Testfakta offers a competitive advantage.


1. Proof of quality.

You have the best product in the market, but is it really believable if you're the one saying it? And do you have proof for the claim beyond your own conviction? Do local market laws even allow you to compare against the competition? Will your claim hold if you’re challenged by the competition?

Without the proof and the communication thereof, customers will turn increasingly to lower-priced alternatives, particularly when times are tough. 

If you know you have the best product, the best and most effective way to communicate this to the market is to assign Testfakta with a benchmark test.


2. Product launch/relaunch.

You are about to introduce a new or upgraded product with a major marketing campaign, ideally including some type of credible third party endorsement.  You know your new product is good, and that it most probably would come out as the best option if tested by an independent consumer organization or a serious specialty magazine. 

But testing institutes have either just published a test of the category without your product and the next one will come in two years’ time. Or the existing standardized test protocols do not capture the unique new features of your new product.

The best and only way is to assign Testfakta for a laboratory test, where we test your new product prior to market launch. Following your own calendar and including a test protocol that captures any new consumer-relevant features within the specific product category.


3. Private label verification.

You are dedicated to delivering high-quality products but at affordable prices. You’re most likely a retailer with private label products and your customers love the lower costs but have a nagging doubt if the product can deliver satisfactorily. Businesswise you are squeezed between the quality perception of the market leader and the low-price alternatives of your competition. 

If you know your product is good value for money, your best option is to assign Testfakta with a quality verification test, where we test and compare your product with the market leader (perceived best product) and a selected low-price alternative.

4. Competitive benchmarking.

You’re convinced about the quality and performance of your product, but you don’t really know how it stacks up to the competition. You are in need of R&D intelligence to further improve the product or to set the correct quality and performance specifications towards your suppliers.

The best option here is to assign Testfakta with a benchmark test focusing on the main technical aspects of a target product in the market.


In any case, you can rest assured that Testfakta's tests on assignment adhere to the same principles of independence, transparency, and consumer relevance as the consumer tests of our news agency. The only difference being that the final say in making the results public lies with the assigning client.