Testfaktas tests on assignment

Conscious consumers ask us about the trustworthiness of tests conducted on assignment of manufacturers: why does the comissioning manufacturer's product always perform best in test? Here is the answer.

Published: 18 Jan, 2024

Ensuring the quality and performance of products is paramount for serious manufacturers. To meet this demand, companies often turn to independent testing organizations to validate their products and provide unbiased assessments. Testfakta is one such entity.

Testing Methodology:

All our tests are performed by independent accredited laboratories that adhere to strict standardized testing methodology. Testing protocol and selection of products are set by Testfakta in consultation with the laboratory in question. The basis for these decisions is to ensure relevant information for the consumer and to fairly demonstrate differences between the tested products.

Collaboration with Manufacturers:

The test results from the laboratory establish the best-performing product. If the commissioning manufacturer’s product is the test winner, they usually want us to publish the test. If, on the other hand, their product does not perform well, the manufacturer only uses the results internally. This allows them to identify potential areas for improvement and make informed decisions based on the evaluations provided by Testfakta.

Consumer-Focused Evaluations:

In addition to working closely with manufacturers, Testfakta prioritizes the interests of consumers by delivering comprehensive and easily understandable evaluation reports. This commitment to transparency is made apparent in that the results from our tests are freely available for all to see. This approach fosters trust between manufacturers and consumers, as both parties benefit from the objective assessments conducted by Testfakta.