Laboratory test

Testfakta’s tests of beds and mattresses

Our fifty-step process for testing beds and mattresses is arguably the world's most comprehensive bed test protocol.

The test protocol

Testfakta has done laboratory testing and evaluations of beds and mattresses since 2004. Over the years, the test protocol has been gradually developed in collaboration with our laboratories and external experts. Today, it includes around 50 different parts for testing and analyzing ergonomic properties, microclimate, endurance, durability, and harmful chemicals. Overall, it is arguably the world’s most comprehensive bed test protocol.

More information about the test protocol

The quality label

Testfakta’s quality label (Best in test or Verified) is issued for all types of beds and mattresses. The requirements for the label are set in consultation with the laboratories (EIM in Munich and RISE in Borås).

More information about the requirements for the quality label


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