Our test methods

Testfakta collaborates with around 20 certified laboratories across Europe, which specialise in different product categories. The tests are performed in accordance with various standard and certification models or through test protocols, which we develop in partnership with the laboratories. The product selection is based on the application areas and the products available on the local market. We always report how the stages of the test are carried out and the results from the various stages. The test results are interpreted and rated in consultation with the laboratories and experts.

Laboratory test

Air purifier HIGH capacity (Test ID: R2021)

Best air purifier effective on all settings

Two manufacturers stand out in Testfakta’s major laboratory test of high-capacity air purifiers, but the Blueair 7700i comes out on top when looking at the results for both max power and the quieter settings. “Both Blueair and Electrolux have higher capacity than their competitors in the test,” explains Tobias Eriksson, test supervisor at the RISE laboratory in Borås, Sweden.

Laboratory test

Air purifiers

Canvac CLR6540V air purifier

Testfakta Research has laboratory-tested Canvac CLR6540V air purifier at the request of Elon. Canvac has a high max. capacity, manages to purify rooms up to 15 cubic metres at a very low noise level (20dB) and is easy to use.

Laboratory test

Air purifiers (Test ID: R1912)

New test of air purifiers reveals major differences in capacity

Testfakta’s laboratory test of air purifiers for medium-sized rooms demonstrates major differences in the capacity to clean the air – despite equivalent performance according to information from the manufacturers. A total of 13 models on the European market have been tested and compared for their ability to eliminate air pollutants and allergenic particles.

Laboratory test

Wall filler

Midun Ready Mixed Filler

Testfakta Research has been commissioned by Byggmax to submit Midun ready mixed filler (Midun Lätt Hand- och Skarvspackel) to laboratory testing. Midun’s ready-mixed filler performs consistently well and meets Testfakta’s Verified Quality & Performance standard by a good margin.

Laboratory test

Ceiling paint

Midun Ceiling paint, white full matt

Testfakta Research has been commissioned by Byggmax to submit Midun ceiling paint to laboratory testing. Midun’s ceiling paint performs consistently well and meets Testfakta’s Verified Quality & Performance standard by a good margin.

Laboratory test

Moving boxes

Rusta’s PRO moving box

Rusta AB commissioned Testfakta Research to conduct a laboratory test of the upgraded Rusta PRO packing box. Rusta’s packing box performs consistently well and meets Testfakta’s Verified Quality & Performance standard by a good margin.

Laboratory test

Running shoes

Best shoes capable of both cushioning and propulsion

Spring is here, and running with it. But how are we to know which running shoe is best? Testfakta has done the testing.

Laboratory test

IPL hair removal devices

Light pulses make hairs drop out

Smooth legs without shaving, pain or sticky creams? IPL technology uses light to remove the hair. But does it work and which device is best? Testfakta has tested six devices and compared the results.

Laboratory test

Commissioned tests

Why does the commissioning manufacturers’ product always perform best in test?

Conscious consumers ask us about the trustworthiness of tests conducted on assignment of manufacturers. Here is Testfakta Researchs' answer.

Laboratory test

TV's 55"

The best and worst TV buys for the football World Cup

Thinking of buying a new TV for the summer’s biggest sporting event or the concert of the year? Then you should read Testfakta’s test first. One TV can’t handle the camera’s twists and turns and starts juddering. “Watching TV on it would be excruciating,” says the lab’s expert.

Laboratory test

Incinerating toilets

The wrong toilet in a holiday home increases heating costs

An incinerating toilet does not require access to water or sewerage, and avoids the unpleasant job of emptying a latrine. But there are substantial differences in performance, safety and energy consumption – on a cold winter day, one flush can suck out all the warmth from a holiday home, as was demonstrated in Testfakta Research’s laboratory test of five models available on the Nordic market.

Laboratory test

Electric toothbrushes

Smart brush best for plaque and gums

Dentists often recommend switching to an electric toothbrush. But how much better are they and is there any difference between the various models? Testfakta Research has tested six different models in the premium class.

Laboratory test

Quality verification of beds

Testfakta’s quality labelling for beds

The aim of Testfakta’s Verified Quality & Performance™ labelling is to highlight high-quality beds with good comfort characteristics. The requirements for the quality labelling are strict.

Laboratory test

Roof boxes

Crash test reveals weaknesses

Several popular roof boxes fail Testfakta’s crash test. Skis and boots fly like projectiles, or the whole box comes off.

Laboratory test

Liquid washing detergents

Only one detergent removes all stains

Almost every brand has had to give up on removing at least one type of stain, as is shown by the results of an extensive laboratory test of liquid detergents carried out by Testfakta Research on behalf of the manufacturer Unilever.

Laboratory test

Paint brushes

Good brushes make for faster work

With a good brush, you get a better end result, dip the brush fewer times and avoid getting loose bristles in the paintwork. So show the results of Testfakta Research’s extensive laboratory test of brushes.

Laboratory test

Bicycle helmets

New helmet technology protects better

The right bicycle helmet can provide up to four times more protection against concussion, Testfakta’s tests show. A method for measuring the stresses the brain is subject to in accidents was used in the tests.