Elvita washing machine CTM7840V

On behalf of the electronics and white goods chain Elon, Testfakta Research has performed a laboratory test of Elvita washing machine. The washing machine has been tested together with comparable washing machines from Cylinda and Electrolux. Elvita’s washing machine performs consistently well and satisfies the requirements of Testfakta’s Verified Quality & Performance quality label.

Published: 18 Oct, 2021

Testfakta’s quality label requirements are set high. The washing machines undergo a standardised test setup that includes washing efficiency, rinsing efficiency, spin drying efficiency, energy and water consumption, user-friendliness and design quality and safety. More information about Testfakta’s test of washing machines In order to satisfy the quality label criteria, it is required that the washing machine perform consistently well in all tests. The Verified Quality & Performance quality stamp thereby guarantees that the product maintains a consistently high quality. To achieve an impression of Elvita’s relative quality and performance, it has been tested and compared with two comparable washing machines:

  • Electrolux EW6F5348B4
  • Cylinda FT 5574X

The laboratory test of the washing machines’ quality and performance was performed by the independent German testing institute SLG Prüf- und Zertifierungs GmbH. The test protocol is based on the current standard methods for performance testing of washing machines (EN 60456) and the laboratory’s internal methods for evaluating user-friendliness and design quality. Comparative results from the test are shown in the table below. thumbnail of Tabell_tvättmaskiner_ENG