Canvac CLR6540V air purifier

Testfakta Research has laboratory-tested Canvac CLR6540V air purifier at the request of Elon. Canvac has a high max. capacity, manages to purify rooms up to 15 cubic metres at a very low noise level (20dB) and is easy to use.

Published: 16 Dec, 2020

Canvac air purifier meets the requirements for Testfakta Verified Quality & Performance. Testfakta’s quality-labelling requirements are stringent. The air purifier undergoes a standardised test setup that includes the main elements: air purification of pollen and dust at max. power and at a lower noise level (below 37dB), energy consumption and user-friendliness. In order to meet the criteria for Testfakta’s quality labelling, the air purifier must perform consistently well in all test elements and must not deviate from the declared performance.The Verified Quality & Performance quality stamp thereby guarantees that the product maintains a consistently high quality. To get an idea of Canvac’s relative performance, the product has been tested and compared with Philips Series 2000i and Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier 2H. The results from the laboratory test show that Canvac has a high max. capacity and lower capacity in the low noise level output mode (below 37dB) but is very quiet (only 20dB). thumbnail of Instore_luftrenare_QR_UK_vect(201212) The laboratory test was performed by SGS IBR Laboratories and Intertek Testing & Certification in the United Kingdom, where SGS was responsible for testing the air purification capacity and Intertek for measuring noise levels and evaluating user-friendliness. Air purifiers are tested and verified in three categories (LOW, MID and HIGH), based on the declared max. capacity in terms of CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) in cubic metres of clean air per hour. The criteria for verification are set based on each category. Verification requires that the air purifier meet all criteria in a certain category. Canvac’s air purifier meets all criteria for the LOW category.