The certification effect

The effect of Testfakta's quality label.

Testfakta's quality label allows premium pricing.

Published: 29 Aug, 2019

Not surprisingly, private label brand ICA has a tough time achieving premium prices in the dog-food category. Only 7% of the respondents in this YouGov survey would purchase the brand at a higher price point than the competitive giants. But with the Testfakta quality label Verified Nutritional Value, a total of 19% prefer the brand despite the higher price.

Our Verified Nutritional Quality tests

Testfakta’s Verified Nutritional Quality tests ensure that the feed is nutritionally balanced and that it provides the animal with a correct intake of all necessary nutritional components.
The purpose of the certification is to help manufacturers and retailers credibly communicate the quality of their product range and thereby facilitate the consumer's purchase decision. 

The nutritional content of the feed is analyzed in a laboratory. This quality assessment is carried out at an accredited food laboratory in Testfakta's network. To obtain Testfakta Verified Nutritional Quality, the results of the laboratory analysis must show that the feed has a good nutritional balance and that it is in line with recommended levels for all important nutrients.