Windscreen washer fluid

Petrol Vitrex -38°C 
Petrol Vitrex -38°C 

Testfakta Biobased has on behalf of Kimi carried out analysis and investigation of the bio-based proportion (biomass) for Petrol Vitrex -38°C. The purpose of the analysis was to verify that the product is based on biomass.

Published: 6 Sep, 2023

Petrol Vitrex -38°C is a windscreen washer fluid produced by the Slovenian chemical company Kimi. It is a premium quality solution with multiple effects. It protects the windscreen from freezing, prevents windscreen washer jets from freezing, cleans the windscreen and remove insects. The product is available in Slovenia, Croatia and Serbia.

The laboratory analysis was performed by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, department of Bio Economy and Health.


The calculation of the biomass in relation to the total mass (dry mass) was made based on a detailed material specification proved by Kimi. The calculation gave the following ratios:

  • Biomass proportion 99%
  • Bio-carbon vs total carbon 99%
  • Bio-carbon vs total organic carbon 99%

The calculated biomass proportion was verified by a C14 analysis of the bio-carbon relation in the product. The analysis was performed according to ASTM D6866-21, with the modification that an IR technology (Saturated Cavity Ringdown - SCAR) is used instead of one of the methods mentioned in the standard.

In this method the product sample is incinerated, and the carbon dioxide collected. The content of 14C16O2 in the emitted carbon dioxide is determined in an IR spectrometer, with extreme sensitivity and selectivity.

The results from the analysis of the product showed less than 1% presence of fossil carbon in relation to total carbon and in relation to total organic carbon. The calculated biomass proportion is thereby confirmed at the highest confidence interval, giving a biomass proportion of 99%.


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Automatiskt genererad beskrivningQuality label

The product is hereby awarded with the quality label "Testfakta Bio-Based". The label only applies to the content (not the container) and will be expressed as "Bio-Based, Product > 99%". Please observe that the value “ > 99%” is the highest allowed by the standard EN 16935, which regulates communication to the consumer (B2C).



Petrol Vitrex -38°C.        

Certifikate ID: EN 16935:23-103

Certified: 2023-08-22

Manufacturer: Kimi

Bio-based organic carbon as a fraction of total organic carbon: 99%

Bio-based source: 100% plant raw materials

The certificate relates to the content (washer fluid), not the packaging.