Kemetyl T-Gul 100% renewable lighter fluid

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The renewable lighter fluid T-Gul is completely based on renewable raw materials and fulfills the Testfakta Bio-Based criteria for certification. Its chemical composition shows no traces of fossil-based contents, which is confirmed by a technical analysis of the organic coal.

Published: 22 Jan, 2024

The lighter fluid has been certified according to European standard EN 16935:2017 (EU recommendation). The certificate says” Bio-Based Product >99%", with >99% being the highest permitted value for a bio-based product. 

The analysis by Testfakta Bio-Based shows the lighter fluid to be 100 percent made from renewable (bio-based) raw materials. This is verified by results from the technical analysis (C-14 method), which showed zero content from fossil raw materials.

Kemetyl T-Gul 100% lighter fluid is used for fire places and charcoal grills. It is sold on the Nordic market. 

Product name: Kemetyl T-Gul 100% förnybar tändvätska

Manufacturer: Kemetyl AB

Certificate ID: EN16935-2101

Certified: 2022-03-21

Bio-based organic coal in relation to total organic coal: 100%

Bio-based source: Animal residue

The certification pertains to the content (the lighter fluid), not the packaging.

Testfakta Bio-based is a voluntary environmental certification system for bio-based products. The purpose of certification and labelling is to make it easier for consumers to choose goods made with a high proportion of renewable raw materials. Testfakta Bio-based can thus help to raise both demand for bio-based products and the shares of renewable raw materials in existing goods. The labelling can also promote development of more bio-based alternatives.

The Testfakta Bio-based certification programme is a collaboration between Testfakta and the state laboratory group RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Testfakta Bio-based Europe AB is a wholly owned company in the Testfakta group.